Borsalino Test #6: 1,000 things I am grateful for


There is something about the times we live in that has turned western civilization into a morass of grumpy old men moaning about shoddy battery life of iPhones. Below there is my intent to exercise gratitude for the sweeter side of things, without sounding saccharine. I honestly do not expect any of you to read through all of this. Yet, please, have at it - it’s a buffet.

As always, you can read my essays here. Alright, now onto the essay.


1,000 things I am grateful for

  1. Professional black & white photographs

  2. Breaking the rules and getting away with it

  3. A chalet in the middle of the Alps with friends

  4. The ability to mute annoying people on social media

  5. Hot air balloon rides

  6. Acrobatic sneezing

  7. Today

  8. Doing the best with the information I have

  9. The State of Pennsylvania, in November 2020

  10. The smell of clean air after a storm

  11. Strong legs

  12. Apple Pay

  13. Frequent laughs for no particular reason

  14. When someone holds your keys and wallet in their purse

  15. Google maps

  16. White rice

  17. Old folks who sit on their porch and wave at you when you walk by

  18. Beethoven’s symphonies

  19. Spinning class instructors

  20. Books that were once popular, but now forgotten

  21. Advice with no incentive asymmetries

  22. Kanye’s lyrics

  23. Big crowds enjoying big fireworks

  24. Winning at chess against a significantly stronger opponent

  25. Laying on grass

  26. Online communities

  27. People that consider themselves contrarians but don’t feel the need to rub it into your face

  28. Realizing you still remember the words to a song you haven’t heard in years

  29. Making soup with homegrown vegetables

  30. Saying the same thing as a sports commentator says just before they say it

  31. When useless meetings get cancelled and they give you time back

  32. Organized notes and highlights from book I have read

  33. Being able to collapse on my bed when I am completely, massively exhausted

  34. Developing good taste in something

  35. Lagunitas IPAs

  36. Being single

  37. Plant stores

  38. Terrible snack businesses run by kids

  39. Being comfortable in your own age

  40. Unintended puns

  41. Hanging out with my mom

  42. Jeff Bezos’ laughter

  43. Cool pins

  44. Au Cheval’s burgers in Chicago

  45. Getting appreciation for something you are actually working hard at

  46. Pete Souza’s legendary portraits of Obama

  47. Surprise wildlife sightings

  48. Condoms

  49. A full stomach

  50. Access to quality education

  51. When the guy who borrowed your pen actually gives it back

  52. People who take ownership of their mental health

  53. Eidetic memory

  54. The ability to care about what others care about

  55. Discovering a new form of raw talent you possess

  56. The ability to remember the past

  57. Epiphanies

  58. Bias towards action

  59. Grocery delivery

  60. When you spill something on your shirt and it doesn’t leave a stain

  61. Summer in Chicago

  62. The fact that you don’t really need to reply to DMs or emails

  63. Uber drivers that knows all the shortcut and gets you there ahead of time

  64. Setting no alarm

  65. When you know all the buttons to speed through the automated telephone system

  66. Actual polymaths

  67. Micro-humor sprinkled in very complex essays

  68. The ability to know when to quit or persist

  69. Bonsais

  70. Democracy

  71. Raw seafood

  72. Forgiveness

  73. The first meal I eat after a cold or a flu

  74. Dry cleaners that fold your shirts

  75. The fact that direction matters more than speed

  76. The gift of focus

  77. Fond memories of my dad

  78. Your favorite barber

  79. Graffiti art in Sao Paulo

  80. Eating a bowl of cereals and milk with a big spoon

  81. Jon Batiste’s suits

  82. When your currency is worth exponentially more in a foreign country

  83. Serendipitous opportunities to materially help peers with minimal effort

  84. Sassy people

  85. Solutions to gender inequality

  86. Rotary dial phones

  87. A beautiful handwriting

  88. Great female leaders

  89. The Second Mountain by David Brooks

  90. Hot tea by the fireplace

  91. The word ‘humane’

  92. Clever therapists

  93. People that can shoo a fly outside without having to kill it

  94. The nonzero probability that we are not the only form of life in the universe

  95. Japanese whiskey

  96. Access to quality healthcare

  97. People wearing masks above their noses during Covid

  98. Ad blockers for YouTube videos

  99. Fully charged devices

  100. Writers

  101. Well stretched muscles

  102. Fusilli

  103. When I drop a glass and then stick my foot out so it hits my foot and doesn’t break

  104. Recycling bins

  105. Color-coded book stacks

  106. Andrew Chen’s essays

  107. Riding my bike late at night when the streets are empty

  108. Strangers that say bless you when you sneeze

  109. That first ‘I love you’

  110. Intelligent risks

  111. The chocolate tip of the cone

  112. Adult cartoons

  113. Selling your sawdust

  114. Mary Meeker Internet Trends

  115. The sky right before a thunderstorm

  116. Products with batteries included

  117. Rhymes

  118. That one spot with the very best ramen in town

  119. My grandma’s zucchini fritters 

  120. Finishing a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle

  121. Nutritional labels on packaged food

  122. Your thinking place

  123. Online forums in early 2000s

  124. Remembering the lyrics

  125. Local dialects

  126. Giving yourself permission to quit boring books

  127. Tupperwares

  128. That feeling when popping bubble wrap

  129. Deleting a social media app and not regretting it

  130. Succulents

  131. The privilege of learning about racism instead of experiencing it

  132. That one really good pen that never gets lost

  133. Long weekends

  134. Falling asleep in the backseat of a car late at night when somebody else is driving

  135. Being right when everybody else is wrong

  136. Free thinkers

  137. Old maps

  138. Remembering what movie that guy is from

  139. Body warmth

  140. Inspiration

  141. The first sunny, warm day in London

  142. Super fast group clean-ups

  143. Pearly white teeth

  144. Third culture kids

  145. Complex but right answers as alternatives to simple lies

  146. Empathetic hiring managers on job interviews

  147. Moving forward and moving on

  148. Daydreaming

  149. Writing to learn, not to teach

  150. My driving license

  151. Lack of urgency

  152. Pogs

  153. White men aware of their privilege

  154. Wearing underwear just out of the dryer

  155. People that retweets your best tweets

  156. Public health

  157. High ceilings

  158. Paul Graham’s essays

  159. YouTube rabbit holes

  160. Volunteers

  161. The moment at a concert after the lights go out and before the band comes on stage

  162. Access to a hammock

  163. When the person you’re meeting is even later than you are

  164. Telescopes

  165. Chris Dixon’s essays

  166. Vinyl records

  167. Being able to land on a very reasonable quantitative estimate with very little data at hand

  168. Weekends with no plans

  169. Dropping my phone and realizing the screen is still intact

  170. Finding something you lost a long time ago after you already gave up looking for it

  171. Listening to the same track over and over without getting tired of it

  172. Taking Fridays off

  173. People that share your same temperature preferences

  174. Ray Dalio’s Principles

  175. That comfy sweatshirt

  176. Artsy bookmarks

  177. My personal operating system built in Notion

  178. Hip hop artists that get into venture

  179. Quality journalism

  180. Airbnb short-term stays

  181. The fact that online shopping spare you the need to actually go to a physical mall

  182. A green wave of traffic lights

  183. The first time of the year in which you are able to eat on the patio

  184. Afternoon tea

  185. Dopamine

  186. Having a whole row by yourself on the plane

  187. When people you actually miss tell you they miss you

  188. The wittiness of Rick & Morty

  189. When a work friend becomes an outside-of-work friend

  190. People returning wallets

  191. Chatty and kind Uber drivers

  192. A sunny day of ski with friends

  193. Note-taking as a form of rebellion against the entropy of memory 

  194. The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity by Carlo Cipolla

  195. Long comfortable silences between really close friends

  196. When your shoes are tight enough to stay on your foot but loose enough to slide on and off without untying them

  197. Not getting a hangover when you were expecting to get one

  198. The moment the bass kicks in

  199. Typing username and password right

  200. The 10,000 hours you already spent on something

  201. When the leader who you voted actually becomes Prime Minister

  202. Getting to the phase of your career when you won’t need Linkedin nor resumes that much

  203. Giant morning stretches accompanied by stupid noises

  204. People that pick up the trash on beaches

  205. Hugging an old friend

  206. Job promotions

  207. People that tip waiters, especially if more than 20%

  208. Wordless nods of understanding among friends

  209. Numerate people

  210. The good kind of stomach butterflies

  211. Really cool sneakers

  212. When your buddy is in town to visit

  213. The moment at a concert in which the crowd finds out what they are going to play

  214. Weekdays with no meetings nor calls

  215. Making a perfect tie knot at the first try

  216. Appreciation for food you have cooked

  217. Odd colored foods

  218. Seeing a plane from another plane

  219. Watching seniors do water aerobics

  220. When it works

  221. Dinosaurs

  222. Uncovering a really key insight during a research

  223. The first snow day of winter 

  224. Realizing you still remember your old phone number

  225. Angel investors who actually dedicate quality time to founders

  226. Q-tips after showers

  227. The future

  228. Returning to your warm and comfy bed after getting up to pee in the middle of the night

  229. A tall glass of water and ice on a hot summer day

  230. Playing soccer and scoring a goal

  231. Watching a movie in the basement with a group of friends

  232. Eric Jorgenson for putting together the Naval’s Almanack

  233. The Painted Ladies in San Francisco

  234. Nice neighbors

  235. Braided hair

  236. Being able to complete a half marathon

  237. Staring ahead at a brand new year

  238. Great friends from a very different age group

  239. People that really, really sell it while barbecuing

  240. A colorful set of spices in an Indian market

  241. Drinking from the hose

  242. Biting off the last piece of the popsicle without losing any of it

  243. Singing the national anthem with a big crowd

  244. Having had a roof over my head through my entire life

  245. Short acceptance speeches

  246. The difference between time spent and job done

  247. Structured thinkers

  248. Feeling great after a 18 hour intermittent fast

  249. Serendipity

  250. Corduroy pants

  251. New subscribers to my newsletter

  252. When you hit it off real well with someone at a party

  253. Modern art

  254. Discovering a shortcut on your way home

  255. Successfully building new habits 

  256. Peeling an orange in one shot

  257. Using hotel lobby bathrooms when you’re out walking around

  258. Making new friends through successful teaming at board games

  259. When a stranger walks by and offers to take a photo of you and the person you’re with

  260. A spectacular basketball dunk

  261. Lack of anxiety

  262. A good turnout on my birthday

  263. The sound of a freshly cracked egg hitting a hot frying pan

  264. Same-day delivery

  265. Old couples holding hands

  266. When someone saves you a seat

  267. Italians that open authentic gelato shops abroad where everybody eats ice cream

  268. Unsexy, profitable businesses

  269. My favorite sweatpants

  270. The art of domesticating your emotions without suppressing them

  271. Foreigners that ask the correct pronunciation of your name before actually guessing

  272. Probabilistic thinking

  273. Easy WiFi passwords

  274. Calling a shotgun before everyone else hop on the car

  275. Kamala Harris’ dance moves

  276. Getting to know the backstory

  277. Flipping through the entire bank of posters while waiting for someone who’s making a purchase

  278. Raincoats

  279. Warm sandals that have been sitting in the sun

  280. Men that can pull off suspenders

  281. Salt

  282. The right light when you are out with your camera

  283. Yosemite

  284. Getting in line before it gets seriously long

  285. The 80/20 principle

  286. Women that can pull off a beret

  287. Stomping dry crunchy leaves on the sidewalk

  288. Suggestion boxes

  289. Well researched Twitter threads

  290. Whiteboarding sessions with very smart co-workers

  291. Discipline

  292. Savings

  293. Catching a sunset on your way back from a great workout

  294. Eating the thing you’re cooking while cooking it

  295. That one really efficient IT support person

  296. Funny idioms like ‘Drinking the kool-aid’ or ‘beating around the bush’

  297. Playing the game for the love of it

  298. Getting through it

  299. Nuances

  300. Being able to read books they were once banned

  301. A clear conscience

  302. Settlers of Catan

  303. Being proud of someone

  304. Bitcoin’s rally

  305. Steph Curry half court shots

  306. My middle-school math teacher

  307. Proportionate people

  308. Tetris

  309. Catching somebody singing in their car

  310. Couches with the chaise-longue

  311. Unconditional generosity

  312. Decorated pottery

  313. Really crafty pumpkin carvings

  314. When the risotto you are cooking turns out perfectly ‘al dente’

  315. Grateful people

  316. Golden kiwis

  317. Charisma

  318. My family car growing up

  319. Busy people who don’t busy brag 

  320. People flashing their high beams at you to warn you about the cops

  321. Tossing garbage in the trash can from far away

  322. Origami artists

  323. That empty meeting room

  324. The Knowledge Project by Shane Parrish

  325. Fixing your wedgie when no one’s looking

  326. Personal brands

  327. Well-groomed beards

  328. La Ritournelle by Sebastien Tellier

  329. Old people acting like little kids

  330. Different emoji skin tones

  331. People that quit smoking

  332. The day when you first realize you can drive

  333. Long yawns

  334. The Lead Domino

  335. Alan Watts’ interpretation of Eastern philosophies

  336. People that hire for slope, and not y-intercept

  337. The human brain

  338. Compelling first chapters

  339. Cleaning personnel

  340. The ability to stay calm during a conflict

  341. Marcus Aurelius’ meditations

  342. The first wave you catch on a foamie

  343. Those who always send voice notes but they also keep them short

  344. High tens

  345. Quirky curse words my dad used to say that I still remember

  346. Pac Man

  347. Successfully navigating home in the dark

  348. Spotting a talented comedian before they become famous

  349. When you’re really tired and about to fall asleep and someone throws a blanket on you

  350. The first time a new friend calls you by your nickname

  351. Lighting candles with matches

  352. Homemade guacamole

  353. Smart shades

  354. Pocket cash found in pants 

  355. Learning new keyboard shortcuts

  356. Good friends’ advice

  357. Leap years

  358. Really funny GIFs

  359. Nailing that perfect move in a board game

  360. Teeth-whitening stripes

  361. Getting upgraded ahead of a long flight

  362. My eyebrows

  363. My knowledge of slide making and deck building

  364. Male feminists

  365. Drawing on steamy mirrors with your fingers

  366. The Melting Asphalt blog

  367. Appreciating the beauty of all your body’s scars and scratches

  368. The first text message between new friends

  369. My first internship during college

  370. Bougainvillea on walls

  371. Picking up your perfectly functioning AirPods after you mistakenly dropped them in the washer

  372. A stack of napkins right when you need one

  373. The final seconds of untangling a really big knot

  374. Echo

  375. Focusing on yourself and finding peace

  376. Nothing in particular, just the gift of being here

  377. Those ‘We are excited to inform you…’ emails

  378. Gen Z’s social and environmental awareness

  379. Spotting a typo before submission

  380. My bed

  381. Happy friends that get engaged

  382. Figuring out how we got on this topic

  383. Extended deadlines

  384. Getting served breakfast in bed

  385. Creative OOO emails

  386. The thin line between corny and cute

  387. Good beard days

  388. Chamath Palihapitiya at CNBC saying that we should let airlines fail

  389. Brass bands playing in the streets of New Orleans

  390. Mastering the art of the all-you-can-eat buffet

  391. A close friend’s wedding

  392. That separate compartment in your stomach for dessert

  393. Restaurants that handwrite cards or short notes in my food delivery bag

  394. When your team tip over a really tied up game

  395. Looking up while underwater

  396. Duvets

  397. Having one of my essays featured in an actual book

  398. Correctly guessing my mom’s secret ingredients Every. Single. Time. Let’s go!

  399. Saunas

  400. Bougainvillea on walls

  401. The last page of a very good book

  402. Oxford comma

  403. Quick digestion

  404. All job interviews I bombed in my life

  405. Intellectual credibility

  406. Building a Second Brain by Tiago Forte

  407. Palindromes

  408. Crayons

  409. Crying it all out

  410. Being entrusted with a secret

  411. Witty banter with someone you just met

  412. Neighbors with pools

  413. Sign-in bonuses

  414. Warm baths when it’s raining outside

  415. Rocking chairs

  416. People that hold the elevator for you

  417. The sound of water lapping against a dock

  418. Elevators

  419. Hustlers that don’t need to glorify their hustle

  420. No ads

  421. When your friend texts to tell they got home safe

  422. Cooking something for a potluck dinner

  423. As hard as 2020 has been, it’s not 1918

  424. Audiobooks

  425. Rain hair

  426. When someone grabs the bill for you at a restaurant

  427. Age of Empires

  428. When you forgot the keys but someone is home already

  429. Effective skin care products

  430. The truth

  431. Someone else’s attention

  432. Positive games instead of zero-sum games

  433. Hoodies

  434. Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings

  435. Nutritional labels

  436. Late in the afternoon when you are the only person at the beach

  437. Mentors

  438. Great titles

  439. Your very own spot on the couch

  440. Sarcasm

  441. Equity

  442. Getting a trucker to blow their horn

  443. A good meditation session

  444. 20% discounts

  445. Daydreams

  446. Crossing the last item on my daily to-do list

  447. Art supplies stores

  448. Personal coaches

  449. The absolute accessibility of running as a sport

  450. When you arrive at the bus stop just as the bus is coming around the corner

  451. Scientists

  452. One-word ingredient lists

  453. When your friend returns your book and they actually read it

  454. When the guy at the gelato counter gives you free taste of different flavors

  455. Really accurate personality tests

  456. That guy that - unexpectedly - can rap

  457. Clever 2x2 matrices 

  458. Eating that last piece of dessert left in the house

  459. People who take good care of their plants

  460. A near gas station

  461. Learning & Development corporate budgets

  462. That one belt bought at the vintage store

  463. Seeing way worse weather somewhere else on forecasts

  464. Seeing a huge tree and remembering how small it used to be

  465. Really quick mental math

  466. Surprisingly simple life advice

  467. The far corners of your mind

  468. Reading something that's so good you can feel how much brain horsepower went into those written words 

  469. New episodes from the Tim Ferris’ Show

  470. The fact that we can get distracted from distractions by other distractions

  471. Floss

  472. Keeping the most important thing the most important thing

  473. Mental clarity

  474. Starting the lawnmower on the first pull

  475. David Perell’s Write of Passage course

  476. No meetings Monday

  477. High conviction

  478. Really powerful vacuum cleaners

  479. Spam filters that actually work

  480. Waking up before your alarm clock and realizing you’ve got lots of sleep time left

  481. Going to museums alone

  482. Thoughtful feedback

  483. The sound of rain from inside the tent

  484. Really great hotel showers

  485. Bank holidays

  486. Stepping into the shower when it’s already at the perfect temperature

  487. Leaving networking events without having to ask permission for it

  488. Weird food combos that only you enjoy

  489. The smell of my childhood bedroom when I go back and visit my mom

  490. That sandwich place in Ortigia

  491. Warm bread and butter before a meal starts at a very nice restaurant

  492. Machine learning

  493. Bids of love

  494. Photosynthesis

  495. Inbox zero

  496. The transition from an overscheduled life to one grounded on intent

  497. The rare balance between confidence and humility

  498. Wearing what you just bought out of the store

  499. Journals

  500. When the subway doors stop right in front of you

  501. Colorful surfboards

  502. Ice cream delivery that actually doesn’t melt

  503. Being able to remove really tough stains from your favorite piece of garment

  504. My mom’s selfies when she gets a haircut and wants to know how she looks

  505. Coffee table books

  506. Free time

  507. Clever tweets

  508. Remembering how lucky we are to be here right now, reading this

  509. Yuval Harari’s books

  510. Voracious content consumers that are also creators

  511. Remote work

  512. A fit body

  513. Learning something so cool you want to call friends to tell them

  514. Locking eyes with someone attractive at a bar

  515. Eating leftover cake for breakfast

  516. Servant leaders

  517. Getting as comfortable saying no as you are saying yes.

  518. Long-term thinkers

  519. Cohort-based online courses

  520. Good health

  521. Your identity

  522. Not knowing what you don’t know

  523. Still having hair

  524. Correct use of punctuation

  525. Thoughtful sexts

  526. Jazz bands

  527. Not bumping your head on something you always bump your head on

  528. That one great song that comes up when you are exhausted but still running

  529. The moment of anticipation just before the first kiss

  530. FaceID

  531. When tap water is actually really good to drink

  532. Clever puns

  533. The ability to forgive yourself

  534. Clearly articulated unit economics

  535. Being able to assemble furniture without looking at instructions

  536. Being able to plan for snoozes

  537. When the chapters in the book you’re reading are really short

  538. Really tall castles of cards

  539. Learning from iterations in relationships, wealth or knowledge

  540. Watching an artisan working their craft

  541. Excel shortcuts

  542. Fibonacci sequence

  543. People that are not afraid to learn in public

  544. Cracking a very successful joke with your friends

  545. Kind executive assistants

  546. A long hike in nature

  547. Cutting through the chase when you really need it

  548. Perfect egg cracks

  549. Finding the start of this stupid duct tape

  550. One-line wisdom

  551. Gel pens

  552. A well organized, informative Table of Contents

  553. Scrambled eggs

  554. The Art of Learning by Josh Waitzikin

  555. The right level of challenge

  556. Japanese cherry trees

  557. The concept of personal monopoly

  558. A big exhalation

  559. Ben Thompson’s Stratechery

  560. White truffle

  561. Well designed slide decks

  562. Asymmetric returns

  563. Eliminating the unnecessary so the necessary may speak

  564. Cappuccino milk foam 

  565. Everything Carlo Rovelli has written

  566. Museum gift shops

  567. That teacher

  568. Friends met on Twitter

  569. When a stranger genuinely compliments you without giving sleazy vibes

  570. A good massage

  571. Getting the Emergency Exit row on the airplane

  572. Anyone who takes no bullshit

  573. Dangling your feet in the water

  574. My previous self who has packed ahead of time

  575. Extremely productive days

  576. Dinner tables as the greatest technologies of social intimacy

  577. When the beat drops

  578. Successfully scratching an itch away

  579. Getting more done than actually anticipated

  580. Cranking up the volume when driving on a highway

  581. Reading books that are way above your weight and still get the gist of them

  582. People with extremely developed emotional intelligence 

  583. The button ‘Block’

  584. Scented bars of soap

  585. That one guy who starts the standing ovation

  586. The extra time you get when the clocks roll back

  587. Freedom of movement within the European Union

  588. Optional Practical Training (OPT) for F-1 Students

  589. Owning assets

  590. Healthy conflict as a doorway to acceptance.

  591. Setting a new personal record

  592. Completely guessing the right answer on a multiple choice test and still passing

  593. Throwing spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks

  594. The fact that anything looks easy when you don’t have to do it

  595. Eating a burrito without anything falling out

  596. When the laptop magically heals itself from an annoying error

  597. Epidemiologists

  598. Realizing you’re going to be in the background of someone else’s picture and smiling at the last second

  599. Old pictures of family members

  600. Picking the perfect neighborhood when visiting a new city for the weekend

  601. Thermostats and the ability to regulate indoor temperature

  602. Football trading cards

  603. Memories of my loved one that are not here anymore

  604. Japanese denim pants

  605. Taking a break

  606. The feeling of my teeth after getting my braces removed

  607. Finding high school pictures

  608. Working in a state of flow

  609. Absence of envy

  610. A calm mind

  611. That one picture in which you definitely look attractive

  612. Regular and orderly people that turn out to be wild and original artists

  613. Reciprocal gratitude

  614. The guitar solo of ‘Free Bird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  615. Friends met through warm introductions by other friends

  616. A very cold pillow

  617. At-home workouts

  618. Grandma’s hairstyle

  619. Skiing the first track

  620. Dogs with jobs

  621. Cultivating the gift of self-awareness

  622. People that find the time to reply to cold emails, no matter how accomplished they are

  623. Being able to do my own thing

  624. Giant Lego sculptures

  625. Afro hairstyles

  626. Codecademy

  627. Love letters

  628. Really efficient customer support

  629. Unpacking long awaited Amazon boxes

  630. Ordering stuff off menu

  631. When you find out that people you already like are also avid readers

  632. Silence

  633. Airie Spears’ impressions of Jay-Z

  634. Quads fatigue after a 10k run

  635. Wrapping it all up way ahead of time

  636. Rare butterflies

  637. Being able to close down the car trunk when it’s already fully packed

  638. The smell of fresh laundry

  639. Parmesan cheese

  640. Properly filled chocolate croissants

  641. The compounding effect

  642. Unparalleled life hacks such as putting wet devices into rice

  643. Doing your thing when nobody’s watching

  644. Realizing that when you have nothing, you still have books

  645. Bubbles rising to the surface of a champagne bottle

  646. Spot on reading recommendations

  647. Writing this

  648. Codenames

  649. Electronic payments

  650. Tim Urban’s essays

  651. The fact that we got 90% effective Covid vaccines in 10 months

  652. ‘Wet floor’ yellow signs

  653. Stoicism

  654. The smell of old bookstores

  655. Being up next

  656. Autocorrect

  657. The fact that you can’t never get enough of what you really don’t want

  658. Getting the armrest at the movies

  659. Receiving thoughtful apologies

  660. A squeaky clean apartment

  661. Moore’s law

  662. Picking up something that turns out to be a lot lighter than you expected

  663. Mental strength to avoid mindless doom scrolling

  664. Rich group conversations

  665. Q-Tips

  666. Hitting a very high note with the trumpet

  667. Being safe

  668. Walking around naked when you’re home alone

  669. Cool parents

  670. Shantaram by Gregory David Roberts

  671. Buying the dip just in time before the price goes up

  672. The Midnight Gospel on Netflix

  673. A complementary usable toothbrush on a long flight

  674. Not knowing the real meaning of crippling financial difficulties

  675. Previous highlights on Kindle books

  676. 3:00am conversations with best friends

  677. People that are tolerant with others, yet strict with themselves

  678. Losing someone, yet knowing they have lived a full life

  679. Clean public bathrooms

  680. Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)

  681. When you’re not the new guy anymore

  682. Raclette

  683. Recyclable packagings

  684. Great metaphors

  685. Figuring out the plot twist just before they reveal it

  686. Finding your car in a big parking lot using your keyless remote

  687. Sicilian almond granita

  688. The smell of frying onions and garlic

  689. This exact moment

  690. Afternoon naps

  691. Being able to spend less than you budgeted at the end of the month

  692. Humility

  693. When you check the scale and you actually lost weight

  694. Fancy footwork

  695. When unwelcome guests leave

  696. Cauliflower rice

  697. That one really nice guy at the office

  698. French kisses

  699. Sorbillo’s pizza in Naples

  700. When it stops raining right the moment you get out

  701. Kettlebells

  702. The honey badger

  703. The fact that ‘the present’ just keeps showing up

  704. Flag knowledge

  705. Good escalator etiquette

  706. Witty pickup lines

  707. Getting something with actual handwriting on it in the mail

  708. Taking a spin on a shopping cart

  709. Words that twinkle

  710. Documentaries on nature

  711. Lisbon colorful tiles

  712. The first couple hours of the road trip

  713. Relatively affordable Michelin-starred restaurants

  714. When you hit something with your car and there’s somehow no damage

  715. Cool nicknames

  716. Well researched strong opinions

  717. The middle part of chocolate croissants

  718. Acquaintances that turn into friendships

  719. Responsible use of psychedelics

  720. Ice stalactites

  721. Colorful minerals

  722. A good night’s sleep

  723. Winding down

  724. Being able to read Arabic

  725. Managers that don’t need facetime to measure productivity

  726. Feeling protected

  727. Gay rights

  728. When the DJ plays your request

  729. Driving home after a long trip and getting all your radio stations back

  730. Wild frat parties in your 20s

  731. Prime numbers

  732. Speedbumps

  733. The moment when the lights dim at the movie theater

  734. Inspiring graduation speeches

  735. The way Wynton Marsalis plays trumpet

  736. The sound of scissors cutting construction paper

  737. That one professor in college

  738. Being able to read music

  739. Sweet potatoes

  740. Knot names

  741. The bell curve

  742. Trying new pants and fitting into them against all odds

  743. Rickshaw rides in India

  744. Stocks that pay dividends

  745. Ryan Holiday’s books

  746. The sound of barely frozen puddles cracking when you step on them

  747. Goat cheese

  748. The back kick you get when the plane speeds on the runway

  749. Winning a gamble

  750. 78% dark chocolate

  751. Progression bars

  752. Buying the dip before the hike

  753. Sending yourself emails to do stuff in the future

  754. Apartments with lots of outlets

  755. That feeling after building something

  756. Good hair days

  757. When all the stock in your portfolio soar

  758. Feeling you don’t need much more than that to be fulfilled

  759. Historical non-fiction

  760. 78% and 85% dark chocolate

  761. Hilarious last names

  762. When you manage to squeeze enough toothpaste out for one last brush

  763. Tap water

  764. When the gym instructor pushes you to your own very limit

  765. People who bring treats to work on their birthday

  766. When someone compliments you in front of someone you like

  767. Correctly guessing if the door is push or pull

  768. Foreigners who pronounce my name correctly at their first try

  769. My Roam Research graph

  770. The fact that you cannot fail at meditation

  771. Going off the grid

  772. People that are not afraid to ask dumb questions during high-stakes meetings

  773. Chipotle

  774. People that understand that correlation does not equal causation

  775. The moment after the show ends and before the applause begins

  776. Strangers on Facebook Marketplaces that purchased my furniture

  777. That one text you were expecting

  778. People that are not afraid to ask for help

  779. Waiters and waitresses who bring free refills without asking

  780. Making it halfway

  781. A great performance review at work

  782. Cities by the ocean

  783. Woodworking

  784. Belly rubs

  785. When everyone you’re eating with at the restaurant agrees you made the best choice

  786. Anything that can grow wings

  787. Birth

  788. Information abundance as the solution to writer's block

  789. Whenever you are able to avoid short dopamine fixes

  790. Getting a well-positioned locker at the gym

  791. Your favorite author compiling a list of their favorite books

  792. Smart people who use their intelligence to build others up

  793. The fetal position

  794. Really fond memories from looking at group pictures

  795. Canadians

  796. When it suddenly just clicks

  797. Coincidences

  798. Tennis grunts

  799. The concept of opportunity cost

  800. Non-fungible token art

  801. The three-paycheck month

  802. Muscle strength 

  803. Jokes with the staff

  804. Overly elaborate pool shots

  805. Worriless sleeping

  806. Intellectual Property

  807. People that can moonwalk

  808. The game of basketball

  809. When your heartbeat suddenly accelerates for no reason

  810. The sound of cork popping

  811. High caps on credit cards

  812. People you don’t need to clean up for when they visit

  813. The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel

  814. Diving into cold water

  815. The moment at a restaurant when you see your food coming from the kitchen

  816. Bakery air

  817. My sister

  818. 5am with a cup of coffee

  819. Bearing the fruits of your labor

  820. Capitalism

  821. The fact that in the span of a lifetime, we spend ~3 months brushing our teeth

  822. The smell of coffee powder

  823. Grandpa’s hat

  824. Flip-up sunglasses

  825. Obama playing ball

  826. A glass of milk after eating something incredibly spicy

  827. Feeling unrushed

  828. Street food trucks

  829. Good judgement

  830. Thinking it’s Thursday when it’s Friday

  831. That feeling after you just clipped your hand nails 

  832. When the socks from the dryer all match up perfectly

  833. When your windshield wipers match the beat of the song you’re listening to

  834. Atomic habits

  835. Vulnerability

  836. Paid Time Off

  837. Exposed brick walls

  838. When someone compliments your new haircut

  839. People that say thank you and actually mean it

  840. The RadReads newsletter

  841. The sound of airplanes’ toilet flushes

  842. Really clever concepts expressed with very basic language

  843. What sets you apart

  844. Quickly reaching deep sleep

  845. Perfect blood checks

  846. When dots connect

  847. Forgiving white lies

  848. Self-taught coders

  849. Paternity leave

  850. Relaxed face muscles

  851. First month free

  852. Veggie burgers

  853. Thick oil paint

  854. Free samples

  855. An incredible thought-through startup investment thesis

  856. The ability to live by my own values

  857. Knowing your close friend finally left that toxic job

  858. Drying off in the sun after swimming

  859. The difference between freedom from something and freedom to do something

  860. Being able to fix my own bike chain with my bare hands

  861. Coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner

  862. Getting dressed out of the dryer or laundry basket

  863. Systems, instead of goals

  864. Waking up really thirsty in the morning and finding a glass of water you can reach from your bed

  865. The hermit crab example that growth comes at the expense of comfort

  866. The Great Big Story series

  867. The thank you wave when you let somebody merge in front of you

  868. People that help you moving furniture

  869. ‘Gimme Shelter’ by Rolling Stones, live at Rome in June 2014

  870. When your laptop or cell phone is just about to die but you manage to run and plug it in before it completely shuts off

  871. Airplane toilet flushes

  872. Good listeners

  873. Not the fact that it's raining, but the feeling of being rained upon

  874. Refunds

  875. The State of California

  876. Boat waving

  877. Idea sex

  878. Finally getting the perfect picture

  879. Having met Joe Biden in person

  880. Bike helmets

  881. Eating the crusts of the sandwich first to save the middle part for last

  882. Garlic

  883. Victorian architecture

  884. The way duck walks

  885. Marimekko charts

  886. Correctly guessing the meaning of an acronym before googling it

  887. People that don’t need credentials to signal their value

  888. A new season of your favorite show

  889. Finally peeing after holding it forever

  890. Snowball battles

  891. Twisting the lid off the jar after nobody else could

  892. Naval’s tweets

  893. Being in a good mood

  894. Blueberry jam

  895. My mom’s love

  896. Giving unconditional love, which is at least as good as receiving it

  897. My parents dancing together

  898. Whole Foods

  899. Disagreeing with someone open enough to appreciate your point of view

  900. The other side of the pillow

  901. A random coin in my pocket when I want to get coffee and I am out without wallet

  902. Label makers

  903. Poufs

  904. Bulleted lists

  905. Nice cops

  906. Homemade dishes at potluck dinners

  907. Clean window panes

  908. Being able to teach something to someone

  909. Well kept gardens

  910. Negative Covid tests

  911. Ladybugs

  912. Thoughtful cold emails

  913. When you dodge a bullet

  914. Zero commissions

  915. The timeless beauty of Taj Mahal

  916. The last couple of hours of work before the weekend

  917. Picasso’s Bull

  918. The sound you make walking into fresh snow at night

  919. Narrative violations

  920. Checking somebody out and not getting busted

  921. Wordless apologies 

  922. Short sentences

  923. Satoshi Nakamoto, whoever they are

  924. Self-awareness

  925. Drying your hands on your pants

  926. Going to the movies by myself

  927. When chopsticks come apart cleanly 

  928. David Foster Wallace description of the toilet flush

  929. Sunday lunch with family

  930. 30% tax ruling in the Netherlands

  931. People that separate drunk idiots in bar fights

  932. The fact that wisdom can’t be copied, but must be embodied

  933. Eating the first freshly baked cookie from the oven even though it’s way too hot

  934. Peanut butter

  935. Backseat car windows that go down all the way

  936. Laughing after a good prank

  937. Adrenaline

  938. My grandpa’s old stamp collection

  939. Duffel bags

  940. Ownership

  941. Danish butter cookies

  942. Air purifiers

  943. Picking the most fun carpool on a road trip

  944. Marc Andreessen’s essays

  945. Fat baseball players

  946. Breathing

  947. Espresso shots

  948. Blowing your nose in the shower

  949. Paycheck day

  950. Bedhead all day long

  951. The fact that it takes a village to get to the top

  952. Paying for something with exact change

  953. Alex Danco’s essays

  954. Perfect parallel-parking on the first try

  955. Derek Sivers' most successful email ever written

  956. Giant sequoia trees

  957. The sound of a solid crack from a good break in billiards

  958. Cozy house parties with really interesting people 

  959. The fifth pocket on denim pants

  960. Graduation day

  961. Colorful, rare birds

  962. Pyramidal communication

  963. The moment on vacation where you forget what day of the week it is

  964. Right-sized tupperwares

  965. Healthy struggle

  966. When you manage to get ready super fast when there’s no time to shower

  967. My dad watching Formula 1

  968. Little gifts that parents bring you back from their trips

  969. The freedom to do nothing

  970. Free international shipping

  971. Absence of ego

  972. Crusty bread

  973. Genuine curiosity

  974. Notion

  975. Getting buried under piles of heavy blankets on a cold night

  976. When the guy with a full cart of groceries lets you go ahead because you’re only buying one thing

  977. People at the grocery store that know exactly where everything is

  978. Flirting

  979. Realizing how many things you need no permission for

  980. Food delivery, especially during the recent pandemic

  981. The people that read this newsletter

  982. Listening to couples tell you how they met

  983. That pile of assorted beers left in your fridge after a party

  984. Being able to spot a constellation in outer space 

  985. Peeling plastic off of new devices

  986. That perfect bite with all the toppings in it

  987. FInding you have something in your teeth before someone else notices

  988. Rad dance moves

  989. Comfy slippers

  990. Alone time after days of intense socializing

  991. Gym soreness the day after

  992. Crispy new knee-high socks

  993. A house full of love

  994. The hand signal between runners when they cross paths

  995. Napping on somebody else

  996. Rome at night

  997. Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans

  998. People that admit mistakes

  999. People that can actually pull off suspenders

  1000. Great questions

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